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Plumbing Services

Plumbing services usually encompass a wide range of tasks which include construction, installation, repair, expansion and maintenance of domestic/municipal water and sewage systems, and installation of different types of plumbing fittings and devices. It may also involve the repair of leakages in the pipelines of household drainage systems, or provision for new pipelines where necessary. A plumber is also known as a ‘plumber’ or ‘kitchen pot’, and in other parts of the world the term is used interchangeably with the chef. Other than carrying out the basic plumbing function, the plumbing services that a plumber provides are meant to be useful for improving the functionality of the household plumbing system as well. In addition, the plumber should also ensure that there is proper care taken for the safety of the residents of the home or building by adhering to health and safety regulations in the particular industry that he or she is associated with.

There are many types of plumbing services that are provided by plumbers. Among the most common are the following: installation/repair of kitchen pipes (e.g. fixing an outdated kitchen tap, replacing faulty kitchen tap pipes), repair of drainage systems such as storm water drains, installation of new kitchen/bathroom plumbing system, repairing and replacement of broken pipes, installation and repair of bathroom and shower fixtures, installation and repair of toilet and urinal/biometric fixtures.

Installation and repair of kitchen/bathroom pipes include the repair of faulty connections (i.e. of faulty pipe fittings), excavation of spaces below the surface, and installation of new fittings. The plumbing services that are undertaken for these purposes are generally classified according to the type of work to be undertaken. For instance, in case of opening plumbing pipes, there are three main categories – pre-existing, new and fixed. New and fixed pipes are those that are permanently fixed into the earth. Pre-existing pipes are those that are placed in the earth and are capable of being fixed.

Leakage of water supply is a major problem that plumbers encounter and solves with the right plumbing services. One of the most common plumbing repairs is the detection and repair of water leaks. Water leaks can either be large or small and may leak from one pipe to another, affecting both the water supply and the environment. The cause of small leaks may be due to faulty pipe joints or clogs. Large leaks are caused by rainwater running through the pipes or by tree roots and shrubbery exerting pressure on the pipes.

Another plumbing services that are undertaken by a plumbing company include repairing and replacement of broken plumbing lines. Moreover, the plumbing services that a plumbing company provides include fixing and maintaining the roof, floor, base boards, tiles, grout, sealing and caulking the walls and floors and installing fire sprinklers, fire alarms, etc. In order to achieve maximum advantage and save money, it is important that you choose a reputable and experienced plumbing company that offers both commercial and residential plumbing services. Before deciding upon a plumbing company, do get references from your friends and relatives and visit their places for a personal visit.

Among all plumbing services, installation is the most difficult and specialized task. If not done properly, it could ruin your whole home. For example, if your bathroom sink dries out and you don’t have an expert plumber at your back, you will have to replace the entire set including the faucets, traps, and jointers. This is the reason why it is important to get the installation done by an experienced professional and let him take care of the entire task from beginning to end. While choosing a plumber, make sure that he is experienced and has installed different types of fixtures in the past so that he can install your fixtures without any issue.

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